Elder Scrolls Online Nearly +1500 DPS Nightblade Build

Since Patch 1.5 was launched, Skills of bow are improved in The Elder Scrolls Online. In the previous news, we share the Templar archer. 

The Nightblade archer has nearly 1500 DPS. As a ranger class with a bow, he can deal massive burst and sustained damage.

Race: Khajiit 

Khajiit has good passives and special appearance. As DPS archer, Redguard and Wood Elf are the nice choice in the game world.

Attribute Coins: 0 Magicka   27 Health  35 Stamina

Mundus Stone: Shadow- To add critical strike damage.

1) Reaper’s Mark
2) Venom Arrow
3) Focused Attacks
4) Focused Aim
5) Impale

U) Flawless Dawnbreaker

In fighting, he first stealth and deal range damage to attack enemy. Then he can cast Reaper’s Mark to cause Debuff and Focused Attacks for Buff. The skill rotation:

Stealth attack→ Reaper’s Mark/ Focused Attacks→ Focus Aim→ Light attack→ Venom Arrow→ Light attack→ Light attack→  Focused Aim→...(Repeat)

His another weapon is a two-handed sword as a melee DPS. Equipped with the melee weapon, he deals good AOE damage.

Ambush, Rally, Carve, Sap Essence, Executioner and Veil of Blades( ultimate skill)


He is equipped with seven Medium Armor, including four pieces of Hunding’s Rage sets and three pieces of Hawk’s Eye sets.

Food: The potion to add weapon power.