ESO Patch 1.5 Dragonknight Tank Build

Dragonknight is the typical Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dragoinknight is as tough as a nails in PVE. What’s more, he is good resource management.

Attributes: Magicka +35     Health +27     Stamina  +0

Mundus Stone: The Atronach- To increase Magicka recovery. All of passive abilities and gear can help the Dragonknight hold nearly all resources at soft cap. Although the Stamina Coins is zero, he still performs Block and Dodge.


As Tank, Armors of Dragonknight usually is armed with are Heavy Armors. In this build, apart from five Heavy Armors, he is equipped with two piece of Light Armors.

-Two pieces of the Blood Spawn’s Guise sets are to add 6% chance when hit to gain 780 armor and spell resist for six sec and restore 25 ultimate.

The dragonknight always use one-handed sword and a shield.

Weapon I:    alt="ESO Patch 1.5 Dragonknight Tank Build" 

1. Volatile Armor- To increase armor and returns six physical damage to melee attackers for 30 activation.
2. Pierce Armor- To deal 16 physical damage and reduce target’s armor, and spell resist by 43% for 12 sec and taunt target.
3. Choking Talons- To immobilize nearby enemies for four sec and deal physical damage.
4. Defensive Stance- To reflects next spell projectile back at attacker and stuns them for three sec when activated.
5. Green Dragon Blood- To heal for 33% missing Health and increase Health recovery by 40% and stamina recovery by 30% for 30 sec.
U. Pack Leader- To transforms player into a werewolf causing nearby enemies to run in fear.

Weapon II:   alt="ESO Patch 1.5 Dragonknight Tank Build" 

1. Igneous Weapons- To increase weapon damage of nearby allies by ten for 60 seconds. Bonus is increased by 100% on caster.
2. Inner Beast- To deals 11 magic damage and forces target to attack you for seconds.
3. Cinder Storm- Snares enemies for 70% and increase their miss chance by 30%.
4. Crippling Slash- To deal physical damage and snare 60% for 12 seconds, immobilize target for two sec and reduce target’s weapon damage by 15% for 12 sec.
5. Extended Chains- To pull target towards you and deals six flame damage.
U. Corrosive Armor- To cap  incoming damage at 3% max health for nine sec while nearby enemies take two fire damage every one sec.