The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonight Build- Magic Warrior

This Dragonknight maily cast magic damage. And he can cause Buff effects in battle. So this is a good choice to start the adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Race: Dark Elf

Attributes: Magicka 42      Health 20        Stamina 0

Mundus: The shadow

ESO Gears

Valkyn Skoria (two items)-  to add Mundus stone effecrts by 6.5% and 4% chance when damaging an enemy with a damage over time effects to call a meter dealing 720 Flame Damage to target.

Twlight's Embrace (three items0-to add 141 Max Health and spell critical by 4%.

Ather Sash (three items)- to add 8% of spell critical.

All TESO armors are enchanted with magic enchantment. The leg is Infused and others are Divines ( It depends on you what enchantment you use). To get the effect of the passive skill Undaunted Mettle, please equip Dragonknight with five Light Armors, a Medium Armor and a Heavy Armor.

Jewels: three Soulshine- to add 77 Max Magicka and 4% spell crit.


WeaponI: Destruction Staff

1.Crushing Shock
2.Unstable Flame
3.Engulfing Flames
4.Flames of Oblivion
5.Inner Light
U. Flawless Dwanbreake

WeaponII:  Destruction Staff

1.Cinder Storm
2.Fire Ring
3.Spell Symmetry
4.Flames of Oblivion
5.Inner Llight
U. Standard of Might

Cinder Storm can cause effect. Keep the effect of Flames of Oblivion and Inner Light. During the time of casting DOT, you can use CS to cause damage.