ESO Patch 1.6 Items- New Orc and Redguard Armors Preview

Orc Armor Sets

Light Armor-Decorative elements and meterails treatments make the armor more realistic-looking. Compared with the old armor, the new set looks more light and beautiful.

Medium Armor- It is made of leather and metal plates to reinforce the torso with new midsection shape

Heavy Armor- Chest is covered. Leather accents have improved seams, hems and edges. Once-plain armor plates have new engraved line.

Redguard Armor Sets

Light Armor- The light armor has new and more realistic appearance. There are new details shape  in Helm to add a more realistic look. Chest piece include protective plating.

Medium Armor- More fine details are added. The size of the chest belt is changed. Boots looks sturdier.

Heavy Armor- The shape is refined and added with more details. New metal plating and layering create a more protective look. Additional engraving can be seen on knee guards, shins and boots.